Hempel offers ‘first line of defence’ for concrete structures

REINFORCED concrete structures in the Middle East require effective protection against the extreme climatic conditions and chloride and sulfide intrusion, which have taken their toll on numerous buildings in the region.To combat these effects at the outset, Hempel offers a proven “first line of defence” known as Contex, which is an anti-carbonation coating system.
Contex is a range of acrylic coating systems that comprises the most comprehensive collection of anti-carbonation coatings and finishes within the civil industry, providing both water-borne and solvent-borne systems in a wide variety of finishes, says Moataz Kamel, regional marketing channels manager – Middle East (West).
Elaborating on the need for such anti-carbonation systems, he continues: “Prevention is always better than cure. Based on this principle and in order to protect the valuable investment made on concrete structures, it is vital to protect concrete rather than face the problem of having to repair the structure, which may not always be possible or convenient as the building may be in use.”
Contex has been specifically developed for use in the harsh Middle Eastern climate, providing the highest level of durability and proactive concrete protection, he points out.
Tested & certified
Each of Hempel’s Contex anti-carbonation coating systems has been independently tested and certified by Taylor Woodrow laboratories in the UK, as being able to provide proactive protection to concrete structures against a wide range of possible attacks and defects, Kamel continues.
These include chloride intrusion, concrete carbonation, alkali degradation, rebar corrosion, water/vapour entrapment, crack-bridging ability, ultraviolet degradation, and mechanical/impact damage.

Areas of application
Another advantage is that Contex anti-carbonation coating systems can afford protection to any concrete structure – be it a residential or commercial building or a heavy civil infrastructural development.
“Given each system’s long-term durability and low maintenance requirements, Hempel anti-carbonation coating systems are ideally suited for use on projects where regular maintenance or refurbishment is neither possible nor desired, such as on concrete bridges, flyovers and highway intersections, multi-storey car-parks, tunnels, and concrete cryogenic storage units,” Kamel says.
Hempel, a leading manufacturer of decorative paints, protective coatings and marine coatings, has maintained a reputation for producing high-quality products and focuses on providing total coating solutions and ensuring customer satisfaction.
Its true strength lies in its in-depth knowledge of the region’s climate and environment. Its products are formulated to cater to the requirements of the region, and it makes sure that these products are applied to achieve ultimate durability for its clients, he concludes.

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