Contract Administration

Contract Administration

Constructing what the client wants

Nick Carnell, lead partner at Kennedys, discusses how successful ‘design and build’ is down to understanding what the clients wants.

Paul Taylor’s article published on 8 March on design and build contracts reminded me of some of my own experiences of projects procured in this way. Paul quite rightly pointed out that for design and build to work there needs to be changes in both the mindset and philosophy from projects procured in the traditional manner. …

Contract Administration

To accelerate or not? That is the contractor’s question

by Michelle Nelson-Construction Week

The issue of whether delay to a project can be reduced or even eliminated altogether by taking accelerative measures and if so, who should bear the cost, is becoming more common here in Dubai. In this article, I will consider the question of acceleration and liability for acceleration costs from a contractual and legal perspective. …

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