BIM boosted by municipality mandate

by Stuart Matthews

A recent circular form Dubai Municipality has mandated the use of BIM for some construction projects, according to Paul Wallett of Tekla.

Effective from December, the full details of the circular’s impact on the construction industry in the emirate are still be analysed.

“We’ve been working with the municipalities for some time; always hoping that BIM would be mandated in the region,” said Wallett, area business director for Tekla in the UAE.

“Effective December, BIM will be mandated to a certain degree,” he said, speaking at the Big 5.

He went on to explain that this is a first step, with hospitals, government buildings and some buildings over a certain size, soon to be required to use BIM in their construction process.

“To have the government stand behind BIM is something that is very significant in the whole region,” said Wallett.

Although Tekla has seen a rise in license usage, Wallett believes contractors are not always forward enough in adopting BIM.

“With higher demand for complex developments, they are realising they need to get on that bandwagon and implement the technology,” he said.

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