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Dealing with Variations: A Contractor’s Guide to Handling Superintendent Refusals

As a contractor, navigating the complexities of construction contracts is an integral part of your role. One common challenge that contractors often encounter is when the superintendent refuses to grant variations in construction contracts. This can be a frustrating and potentially costly situation, but there are steps and strategies you can employ to effectively handle this scenario.

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Navigating Latent Conditions in Construction Contracts: A Practical Guide for Contractors

Construction projects are often complex endeavors with various stakeholders, timelines, and unforeseen challenges. One such challenge that contractors frequently encounter is latent conditions. These hidden or unexpected conditions can significantly impact project timelines, budgets, and overall success if not properly addressed. In this guide, we will delve into what latent conditions are, how they can affect construction projects, and strategies for contractors to effectively manage them during project execution.

Contract Administration, Project Management

How to Deal with Variations in Construction Contracts?

Variations are changes to the scope of work required under a construction contract. They can be requested by either the owner or the contractor, or arise due to unforeseen circumstances, such as government regulations, latent conditions, or design errors. Variations can have significant impacts on the cost, time, and quality of the project, and are a common source of disputes and litigation in the construction industry. Therefore, it is important to understand how to manage variations effectively and avoid potential risks and liabilities. …

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Unravelling Complexity: Towards a More Accessible Adjudication Process for Low-Value Claims

By Dr Samer Skaik and Ali Alkhatatneh

Low-value claims adjudication has become an increasingly intricate process, particularly for small subcontractors and individuals lacking legal expertise. This post delves into key factors influencing complexity in low-value claims adjudication, as outlined in our recent academic article commended in the 2023 Brooking Prize by Society of Construction Law Australia.

Construction Law, Contract Administration, Project Management

Termination of Construction Contracts for Owner’s Convenience: Know Your Rights

By Dr Samer Skaik

In the complex landscape of construction contracts, the termination for the Principal’s convenience is a critical area for contractors to understand. This post aims to illuminate your rights as a Contractor in such situations and guide you through navigating the process both legally and professionally.

Construction Law, Contract Administration, Project Management, Statutory Adjudication

Unveiling the Veil: The Complex Role of Superintendents and QS in Construction Projects

By Dr Samer Skaik

In the intricate dance of construction projects, the roles of superintendents and financier-appointed quantity surveyors (QS) are central yet often enveloped in complexity. These roles are critical in maintaining contractual integrity and financial oversight. However, their independence and impartiality are subjects of ongoing legal scrutiny. This post delves into the delicate balance these professionals must maintain, guided by insights from landmark legal cases.

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COVID-19: How to make the transformation into online operations more effective?

By Dr Samer Skaik

With the unprecedented outbreak of the coronavirus across the globe, many universities and schools have been initiating projects to transform their operations from ‘face to face’ to virtual environments aided by various technologies. This call seems to be inevitable since the outbreak will continue to evolve for at least another six months. In this context, three demanding questions come into play:

Construction Law, Project Management

Legal project management: Intuitive or something else?

An interactive oral presentation by Dr Samer Skaik at the 2018 National Conference of Society of Construction Law Australia in Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. The presentation will make it simple for you to fully understand the concept of project management and how to apply a simple methodology to manage projects in any discpline not only law firms.
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Launching My Channel on YouTube

By Dr Samer Skaik

Very recently, I have launched a channel on Youtube. This channel aims to provide integrated, handy and focused educational materials for those interested in developing their competencies in construction project management, professional practice and leadership. My aim is to help raise the bar by providing sound, solid and up-to-date knowledge for students, graduates and professionals in the construction sector. The channel, in addition to the videos, includes other interesting educational playlists. You can display the playlists chronologically if you are keen to develop a robust understanding in the field and advance progressively towards mastering the subject. …

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FIDIC’s Middle Eastern launch for the new contracts

The FIDIC Middle East Contract Users’ Conference in Dubai is your opportunity to gain exclusive analysis and best practice guidance on the three new FIDIC contracts.

In order to provide accurate and balanced information, the FIDIC Contracts Committee will be joined by distinguished professionals and contract users from across the region and will also be delivering insights on successfully using the full FIDIC Suite, managing major projects, mitigating risks and resolving disputes in the Middle East. …

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Launching CMGuide Inaugural Mentoring Programme

We are very delighted to launch the Inaugural Mentoring Programme targeting graduates and early-career professionals in the construction industry.

This is a free service initiated and operated by CMGuide and led by CMGuide Founder (Dr Samer Skaik). The mentoring programme is targeting ambitious graduates and early-career professionals in the construction industry. The programme is only available in Australia. We encourage prospective and interested mentors in Australia who have the experience in any of the mentoring areas to join our ‘Mentors Panel’ ASAP so we can serve and enrol more mentees in the programme. Interested mentors should mention the mentoring area and availability arrangement so we can properly match mentees (protégé) with appropriate mentors. It is completely up to the mentors and mentees once to discuss and agree the mentoring arrangement during the mentoring year such as mentoring duration (not less than 6 months), communication method, frequency of meetings, level of support, etc.  …

Construction Industry, Construction Law, Contract Administration, Project Management, Statutory Adjudication

The Mechanism of the Australian Statutory Adjudication in a Nutshell

By Samer Skaik

Many construction practitioners in Australia face difficulties in understanding the mechanism of the Statutory Adjudication and how it differs from a State to another. While it is important to point out that the Australian Acts are different, there are a number of common mechanisms. Typically, a person entitled to a progress payment for carrying out construction work (or supplying related goods and services) had to seek recovery of any unpaid amounts via lengthy legal proceedings in arbitration or court. As such, parliament enacted the Security of Payment (SoP) legislation to protect the rights of such persons and facilitate rapid recovery of due payment. The SoP legislation provides statutory rights enabling quick and inexpensive recovery of progress payment for any subcontractor or supplier performing construction works or supplying related goods and services. To facilitate these rights, the SoP introduced a rapid adjudication process to resolve payments disputes. …

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