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CMGuide Pty Ltd is a leading claims consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in providing comprehensive services including Construction Claims, Security of Payment Claims, Project Management, and bespoke In-House Training for construction professionals. With a commitment to integrity, innovation, and improvement, we strive to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients. Our team of experts leverages extensive industry knowledge and legal expertise to navigate complex projects, safeguard interests, and enhance efficiency. At CMGuide, we are your trusted partner in building success.

Our team

Dr Samer Skaik: Director and Principal

BSc Eng, MSc CPM, PhD (CM), PMP, Cert.Adj, Cert. Arb.




Our Director, Dr Samer Skaik is a seasoned educator, researcher, and consultant with over two decades of expertise and 65 refereed publications in project management & construction law. Dr Skaik is specialised in security of payment legislation, and certified as an accredited Adjudicator under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Legislation in Australia.



With a strategic approach and deep understanding of security of payment legislation, Dr Skaik has successfully led numerous builders in recovering hundreds of thousands from developers. His expertise lies in meticulously preparing payment claims and vigorously pursuing adjudication or summary judgement applications, ensuring rightful outcomes and substantial recoveries for our clients.



Dr Skaik’s research is focused on payment disputes in construction projects. The impact of his research extended beyond academia, influencing two major legislative review reports in Australia and resulting in substantial reforms to the building and construction industry security of payment laws in the country and beyond. His research is centred on making statutory construction adjudication more effective and convenient for resolving project disputes.

Team members:

The Director leads a team of elite construction professionals, each bringing a wealth of education and experience in their respective fields. Our team includes planners, delay analysts, and quantity surveyors, all with distinguished records in navigating complex project management and claim consultancy challenges. For every project or case, we meticulously assign tasks to team members whose expertise and knowledge align precisely with the required objectives, guaranteeing the utmost standards of excellence.



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