Jump ahead of your competition: International Construction Law…

Interested in gaining new skills and in-depth knowledge that will help you in your everyday work, will give you the edge on your competitors and open up new career opportunities?

Take a look at UWE Bristol’s Postgraduate Diploma in International Construction Law – the distance learning course that’s been designed for professionals based in any country and in a wide range of job roles and industry sectors:
In just 9 months you can have this comprehensive degree that’s run by the largest UK university for qualifications related to the built environment. And you will then have the option of continuing on to your Masters.

You can achieve all this without disrupting your current employment and personal commitments. Find out more on the 2015 syllabus:

Get the range of skills employers are looking for today…

  • Introduction to Law and Construction Technology
  • Construction Contract Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • International Dispute Resolution
  • Environmental and Sustainability Law
  • Construction Procurement
  • Advanced Construction Law
  • Consolidating Theory and Practice

See more detail on each module on the programme:

Suitable for a variety of international professionals…

Whether you’re interested in a change of direction or simply want to progress in your existing position this programme will benefit professionals in a variety of roles, including: engineers, lawyers, contracts managers, general counsel, planning managers, procurement and purchasing officer, project managers, surveyors, risk managers, commercial directors and more!

Take a look at the syllabus to see if it fits your needs:

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