Launching CMGuide Inaugural Mentoring Programme

We are very delighted to launch the Inaugural Mentoring Programme targeting graduates and early-career professionals in the construction industry.

This is a free service initiated and operated by CMGuide and led by CMGuide Founder (Dr Samer Skaik). The mentoring programme is targeting ambitious graduates and early-career professionals in the construction industry. The programme is only available in Australia. We encourage prospective and interested mentors in Australia who have the experience in any of the mentoring areas to join our ‘Mentors Panel’ ASAP so we can serve and enrol more mentees in the programme. Interested mentors should mention the mentoring area and availability arrangement so we can properly match mentees (protégé) with appropriate mentors. It is completely up to the mentors and mentees once to discuss and agree the mentoring arrangement during the mentoring year such as mentoring duration (not less than 6 months), communication method, frequency of meetings, level of support, etc. 

We currently receive applications from prospective mentees who seek to strengthen their skills and knowledge in any of the mentoring areas. We accept applications from serious mentees and mentors all year round. Please click here  to submit your application. The application should include a short CV and a cover letter explaining your current engagement and reasons for applying. There is a limited capacity in this programme and successful applicants will be notified by email.

Mentoring areas:

• Construction Management
• Project Management
• Statutory adjudication and security of payment
• Contract management & administration.
• Professional Practice.
• Construction Technology.

If you are not familiar with mentoring programmes and how they actually work, please click here for a useful summary.

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