Construction Law

Construction Law

UAE laws do not favour contractor

by Shikha Mishra

In light of the current economic downturn, contractors will have little legal recourse if payments for on-going projects get delayed, legal experts say.

The recent cancellation of the US $1.25 billion contract between Dubai-based Meydan and the Arabtec-WCT JV has led to concerns in the market over similar situations arising in the future and the legal recourse available to contractors. …

Construction Law, Contract Administration

Benefiting from a DAB resolution

By Hamish Macdonald
In the first place, DABs are not intended to replace arbitration or litigation but are to be considered as part of a multi-tiered dispute resolution process. The use of a DAB has been described as an early and intermediary step directed at avoiding the need to resort to other more expensive and more time-consuming procedures such as arbitration or litigation. …

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