PMP Hints

Manage Political Problems as Issues

The larger your project gets, the more you will find that the issues you encounter are more and more political in nature. The issues have to do with the use of resources, project direction, project deliverables, how the project should be run, how the project impacts people, etc. The resolution of these issues requires you to gain consensus among people that have differences of opinion. In other words, the resolution requires you to recognize and work in office politics. …

PMP Hints

Manage Communication – Large Projects

In a large project, all communication takes place in context of an overall Communication Management Plan. Status meetings and status reporting are required, just as for a medium-size project. In addition, there are many other types of proactive communication that need to be considered. This creative and proactive communication is laid out in a Communication Management Plan, which is created as follows. …

PMP Hints

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholders are specific people or groups who have a stake or an interest in the outcome of the project. Normally stakeholders are from within the company and could include internal clients, management, employees, administrators, etc. A project may also have external stakeholders, including suppliers, investors, community groups and government organizations. …

PMP Hints

Think of Positive Risk as a Way to Gain Benefit

Risk is usually associated with potential events that have a negative impact on the project. However, there is also a concept of opportunity risk or positive risk. In these instances, the project manager or project team may introduce risk to try to gain much more value later. For instance, a team may decide to utilize a new technology on its project because they think it will result in dramatic effort and cost savings. …

General Management

How to focus on customers?

By Sanjiv Anand and V. Ramkumar
While we may hear several organisations claiming to be customer focused, it is easy to observe not many are. The success of building a customer focused organisation is not just in defining who your customers are, but in also creating a culture in the organisation that is oriented towards servicing them effectively and investing in the measurement of customer service. …

General Management, Procurement Management, Project Management

Challenges facing management practice

By Samer H Skaik


Management principles should be deeply understood by organizations to be mature enough to face the challenges of the 21st century. The search for better and more efficient ways of utilizing people’s knowledge and skills in providing services has become a must to handle challenges like globalization, micro-electronic technology, Market changes, lack of skilled employees and increased expectations of customers…etc. …

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