Hilti’s laser meters set the benchmark

Hilti, the Liechtenstein-based construction solutions provider, has launched its unique range of laser measuring tools that aim to redefine the benchmark for performance and reliability. Equipped with Pulse Power that can emit up to one million laser pulses in a single second, the three new laser range meters – the PD 40, PD 42 and PD 4 models – overshadow all other tools of this kind in terms of measuring performance, reliability and ruggedness, according to Sam Winkler, product manager for measuring systems at the Hilti Regional Office for Middle East and South Asia, located in Jebel Ali Free Zone in the UAE.
The PD 42 and PD 4 models have in fact won the coveted iF International Forum Design Award 2008 in Hannover in Germany.
“Thanks to the Hilti Pulse Power technology, accurate and reliable readings can now be taken even under the most unfavourable conditions, such as in bright sunlight. But that’s not the only advantage of this technology. Laser range meters featuring Hilti Pulse Power make trouble-free measurement of distances up to 100 m possible without the need for a target plate – and they can achieve this with maximum efficiency because the job can be done by a single person,” Winkler points out.
“Even in everyday applications, users of the Hilti PR 20 and PR 25 rotating lasers also benefit from the significant advantages of this high-frequency technology that generates up to one million laser pulses per second. On a bright, sunny day, for instance, the task of transferring reference heights over moderate distances can often become a tedious process due to difficulty in locating the rotating laser beam. However, with the Hilti Pulse Power, a single pass of the rotating laser beam over the receiver is all that’s needed for immediate location of the beam. It has never been as easy a task to transfer heights as with Pulse Power,” he states.
Tradesmen working indoors can also take full advantage of Hilti Pulse Power. “The Hilti PML 32 line laser and the PMC 36 combilaser easily outperform other tools due to the outstanding visibility of the lines they project and their ease of location, no matter whether working with a receiver or without,” Winkler says. “In interior finishing under changing light conditions, Pulse Power does not require to return to the tool to change operating modes and realign for working with or without a receiver. Hilti Pulse Power always produces the most effective line, regardless of whether a laser receiver is used or not.”
Pulse Power is yet another demonstration of Hilti’s innovative ability and foresight. The challenge of achieving even greater reliability and efficiency in various measuring and alignment tasks has been met very convincingly by incorporating all the advantages of Hilti Pulse Power in a comprehensive range of laser tools, he says.
“Construction professionals who take advantage of the Hilti Calibration Service can have blind faith in their Hilti measuring tools,” Winkler continues. “This is because regular checking of laser measuring tools within the scope of the service ensures reliability and accuracy in accordance with standards and statutory requirements. The calibration certificate verifies that the tool complies with specifications and the corresponding sticker provides confirmation of the tool’s accuracy.”
As with all Hilti tools, these measuring tools come complete with the company’s unique Lifetime Service, which Hilti provides free of charge for the first year from date of purchase – covering repair or replacement of defective parts including parts subject to wear and tear. After that, Hilti continues to prove the quality of its products by setting a repair cost limit, for the entire life of the product.

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