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Launching CMGuide Inaugural Mentoring Programme

We are very delighted to launch the Inaugural Mentoring Programme targeting graduates and early-career professionals in the construction industry.

This is a free service initiated and operated by CMGuide and led by CMGuide Founder (Dr Samer Skaik). The mentoring programme is targeting ambitious graduates and early-career professionals in the construction industry. The programme is only available in Australia. We encourage prospective and interested mentors in Australia who have the experience in any of the mentoring areas to join our ‘Mentors Panel’ ASAP so we can serve and enrol more mentees in the programme. Interested mentors should mention the mentoring area and availability arrangement so we can properly match mentees (protégé) with appropriate mentors. It is completely up to the mentors and mentees once to discuss and agree the mentoring arrangement during the mentoring year such as mentoring duration (not less than 6 months), communication method, frequency of meetings, level of support, etc.  …

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Dealing with green power projects


RENEWABLE power projects are being developed across the Middle East region, for example in the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Renewable power is likely to be a growth area for the construction sector over the coming years. In terms of natural resources, the region has an abundance of sun and, unsurprisingly, solar power projects are now operational, with further projects being developed, procured and constructed. …

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CMGuide Founder spoke in Melbourne Convention 2014 by Engineers Australia

Samer Skaik at Meloburne ConventionSamer Skaik, the CMGuide Founder delivered 30 minutes oral presentation in “Mastering Complex Projects Conference” at Melbourne convention 2014 which was organized by Engineers Australia.  The Convention is the largest engineering event ever held in the southern hemisphere. Convention bring together all areas of the engineering profession, with national and international keynote speakers exposing delegates to megatrends and thought leadership that will influence the future direction of engineering in Australia. …

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Green Routine

By M. Vasanth Kumar

The construction industry is often criticised for neglecting environmental issues in favour of profit.

While the industry as a whole is actively pursuing the building of green building projects, the flip side is that not all companies who are accredited to Green Building Council membership nor all LEED-accredited professionals follow or encourage others to follow eco-friendly practices in their day-to-day tasks. …

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First-hand advice from the FIDIC contract drafters – tailored for the Middle East

FIDIC’s 5th Middle Eastern Contract Users’ conference is your annual opportunity to get best practice contract advice and updates on the contract amendments directly from the very people who drafted them!

Samer Skaik, the Founder & Principal of Construction Management Guide, will once again be sharing his regional expertise at the event and will be joined by 18 other world-class experts. …

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Expo 2020: Watch out for these Mega Developments in Dubai .

By Parag Deulgaonkar

Dubai developers are set to commence work on several mega projects in the coming months in order to complete and deliver them much earlier than 2020.

“The Expo 2020 win for Dubai is a significant milestone, and this will definitely translate into exponential growth across a wide array of sectors, namely hospitality, tourism, trade, shipping and logistics as well as real estate,” Khalid Bin Kalban, CEO, Dubai Investments, told Emirates 24|7. …

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Jordan eyes renewable energy

By Katie Liszka

JORDAN is highly dependent on imported energy in the form of natural gas and fuel oil. In 2011, 97 per cent of its energy was imported. The kingdom has also suffered as a result of problems with the supply of gas from Egypt. In addition to its dependency on imported energy, Jordan also projects a high growth in energy demand. Hence, the country has set itself ambitious targets in relation to the introduction of renewables into its energy mix, which will account for at least 10 per cent of the total supply by 2020. There are also a number of individual targets, such as approximately 1,200 MW (megawatts) for wind power and 600 MW for solar.

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Two states bid for sustainability lead

By Arvin Daeizadeth

Leadership in sustainability can only be seen in two countries, the UAE (Abu Dhabi) and Qatar. These are the only two states that have mandated sustainability ratings for new buildings – Estidama and QSAS.

One of Alpin’s current projects is the Msherieb Downtown Doha project, a massive redevelopment set in the heart of Doha. Comprised of more than 90 buildings, most are set to be LEED Gold. …

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5D BIM Could Radically Enhance Costing Process

By Marc Howe
The use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) could radically enhance the costing process following its expansion beyond quantities calculation and specifications data to other core areas of project management.

While BIM has thus far focused primarily on the use of digital representations of the physical and functional traits of a facility to guide both the design and construction processes, the next generation of BIM adds even greater functionality by providing advanced tools for estimating costs throughout a project’s life cycle. …


The Green Building Dilemma

By Saeed Alabbar

In the early decades of the 20th century, construction was extremely sustainable due to the lack of availability of centralised electricity and water supply, and the use of only local building materials. However, as the UAE entered the 21st century, globalisation bought with it many ideas and design concepts from the West. …


Green is in

By Hisham Yousef,

Sustainability has become the buzzword of choice in our industry, with many technical terms and metrics that makes it almost beyond the understanding of many clients and professionals alike. But this need not be the case. Sustainability is about going back to the basics of interacting with the environment and adopting a common sense approach to design.

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